People don't always suck

Since I deal with some deeply depressing news, I decided that I need a happy place to remind me that people can be really amazing sometimes. When I feel dragged down by meanness, selfishness, corruption, and ignorance, this is where I will come. Feel free to submit acts of human kindness, selflessness, and just plain awesomeness.

And if all this awesomeness is too much for you, you can check out my other blog,, for balance. :)

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Being a mature being means living with a purpose, your own purpose: it’s about welcoming responsibility as the nourishment a big life needs; it’s about behaving as a good citizen — finding ways to add value to the community in which you live; it’s about wrestling with your weaknesses and developing heart, mind, and spirit — none of them properties of the spectator crowd.

John Taylor Gatto, “Weapons of Mass Instruction”

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